traffic visualizations for Waze

update! Made substantial changes to how everything looks. New versions of Tel Aviv, Rome, and Paris. Make sure to watch in HD!

I had the oppurtunity of visualizing 24 hours of Waze's Los Angeles traffic data. Waze's data is great because it doesn't just rely on passive traffic sources, but users of the Waze application itself.

What you're looking at is a combination of Waze alerts entered in by Waze users as well as passive traffic data. The pulsating circles are alerts -- users reporting hazards, traffic jams, highway patrol, and communicating with one another (represented as other). The lines are trips made by Waze users -- they first appear in white (once the trip has been completed) and fade to gray.

Make sure to watch the morning commute (starts at about a minute in, ~6 am LA time).

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